NeuroVR has developed a large scale of VR experiments in the medical field.

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Bringing expertise together

Bringing together the expertise of neuroscience, craeneo sacral, neurofeedback and Virtual Reality opens a new chapter in healthcare and homecare.

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These experiments are open for further research and development.

  • Grip on HRV. A minigame in which one can train your stresslevels down.
  • Predicting HRV. A minigame in which a stress reaction appears before the event it self.
  • Play tinnitus away. An organ in which you can play ‘away’ your tinnitus for a short time.
  • Mirroring sound experiment. Sound and vision is mirrored.
  • 3D locking/unlocking sound experiment.
  • Out of body experiment. An experiment about ghost touch.
  • Smell chamber experiment. Smell the objects in VR.
  • Muscle relax environment. A VR meditation experience.
  • Increasing stress experiment. Scientific proven stress game to increase stress
  • Facial stress recognition
  • Bio Acoustic experiment. Measuring stress through voice information.
  • Visual recovering. A minigame in which the body trains towards a wishful situation.
  • Tinnitus finder module. A self scan tinnitus module for beeps, multi-tones and noises.


Dive into the science behind Antinnitus.