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Antinnitus is a Virtual Reality treatment that trains the brain to release the tinnitus signal.

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Treating tinnitus in a revolutionary new way

We invented specific cross-modal neurologic links which allows us to treat tinnitus in a revolutionary new way. Combining Virtual Reality with neurofeedback and classic conditioning, we can reach the auditory cortex and train your tinnitus away.

Promising Results!

Tinnitus is a complex disease, with multiple possible origins. Not only acoustic trauma, but also stress, medication use, condition of the muscular system etc. can cause tinnitus.

Even though Antinnitus is still in experimenting and research phase, we are very happy to announce all tests so far show very promising results.

The Antinnitus Method

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from these conditions through innovative and effective VR-based therapies.
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The Antinnitus Method

Treating tinnitus from the outside in.

Tinnitus and Fascia

We start with checking and treating your fascia in the jaw, neck and shoulder area, as this can be a cause of your tinnitus. Our craeneo sacral therapists have years of experience with tinnitus patients.

Tinnitus and Stress

The next level is detecting your stress levels and your way of coping with tinnitus. Our certified TRT therapists (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) can help you to think differently of your tinnitus, relieving stress as a result.

Entering the VR world

Finally, we go into the VR world and enter the Antinnitus brain training.


Visualizing Tinnitus

The advantage of using Virtual Reality is to be able to visualize what is invisible. Cochlea, hair cells and organ of Corti. How they work and what happens if damage occurs.

Accepting Tinnitus

Antinnitus is able to de-mystify tinnitus, which helps the process of accepting.

At the same time your autonomic nervous system reacts in VR as it is the real world.

This is a crucial element for your brain to accept the loss of hearing and finally letting go of the tinnitus signal.


Dive into the science behind Antinnitus.

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